Helsinki – ‘The heat is on!’

Helsinki, one of the world’s northernmost capitals, also called the “Daughter of the Baltic”, combines a metropolitan attitude on the one hand, yet a rather small-town feel on the other – a truly pleasant fusion.

Many years ago, I was in Finland for the first time. This was during the dark and freezing winter months when it never gets beyond the point of twilight all day. For a Central-European very unusual, indeed. This time, Finland’s capital city appeared in a completely different light, shining throughout the dusk until almost midnight like it was late afternoon. Only then, when the bulby cathedral spires were illuminated by the sun, I could see the beauty as well as the cultural influence by the Russian tsardom which enriched the architecture along the lines of a miniature St. Petersburg. Highly interesting!

The reason for me being in Helsinki was, to take part in in the great foodstyling and photography workshop organized by the lovely Meeta K. Wolff together with her co-instructor Simone van den Berg and the host Mari Moilanen.

Just having started my own foodblog this March, it was a fantastic opportunity for me to get to know other like-minded people, hear their stories and learn about their different approaches to food and photography. Soon I realized that I find myself just at the beginnig of a wonderful passion – cooking, eating and capturing the moment.

I experienced two days full of creativity, inspiration, esthetics and most importantly… laughter. My wonderful team partner Marja-Riitta and I took some nice shots during the afternoon team work task which was to create our own interpretation of a Jamie Oliver issue with the cover theme ‘The heat is on in Helsinki!’

And even after the workshop the relaxed atmosphere and fun times went on. I extended my stay by one day to explore the city with its beautiful food markets Hakaniemi Market Hall (Hakaniemen kauppahalli) and Hakaniemi Open-Air Market (Hakaniemen tori) as well as the country side north of Helsinki by boat. The weather was absolutely great – it felt like a gorgeous spring day. The parks burst into green after the rain, flowers bloomed, people populated the streets enjoying the warm temperatures in the sun. It was a special day to be spent in the northern hemisphere.

So, despite the fact that the real temperatures were at a moderate level, for us the heat was on in Heslinki for sure!!!


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