Jewelry is something very personal which shows a lot about your personality and the way you feel.  At dinner time, jewelry is basically the hidden protagonist in the table game. WHY? Because jewelry is a highly powerful accessoire. It makes you shine from the inside out.

After I graduated from German High School, I did not know what to do next – become a cook, a designer or learn how to craft jewelry and be a creative goldsmith. In the end, I studied at university and worked in marketing.

Nevertheless, many years later, I created my first jewelry collection called “TELL YOUR OWN STORY…”

The idea behind it is to make a very light and delicate silver wire collection “your own” by personalizing it. Be it the name of your first child or a person you love, be it your personal mantra you believe in or something you always wanted to wear close to you such as a DREAM, FAITH, LOVE or THRUTH – anything you think of!

It will be only yours and it will tell only your story…
You can be assured, the jewelry will shine on you and at the same time, it will make YOU shine. The reason is, it shows what you love and what is important to you, what you believe in or what you dream of.

In case you are interested in creating your own personalized and very special silver wire collection, just contact me and tell me your own story…

Shine on!

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