cooking is not a service, my grandson, she said.
cooking is a way of loving others

I love dinners! I simply enjoy evenings when I come home after a long (working) day, slip off my shoes and step into the kitchen to cook dinner. Cooking makes me forget the world around me – it makes me focus on my own thoughts and creativity and I feel at ease, just with myself.

I usually cook quick and simple dishes which can be prepared in my small kitchen. One of the great advantages is that such meals can easily be taken as leftovers to the office for next day’s lunch. Like this, I not only save time but also money and most importantly, I know exactly what I eat.

The idea to start a blog came up when my life underwent many changes – some good, some bad and quite painful, yet in the end all to make me a stronger person. I realized that I had to follow my inner voice much more and do what I love – be creative.

I am creative when I cook or when I walk through life with open eyes holding my camera in my hand – while traveling, at home, every day, any time. Since I discovered photography only recently, the pictures I take are not ‘professional’ – they just depict how I see the world around me. I do not use any additional lighting devices for my shoots – I simply take the pictures when the natural light is good enough. And only then I capture the moment.

Here, I may share all sorts of pictures which may vary from food, landscape, city life or diverse snap shots of still life. Basically anything that catches my sight.

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