Happiness is not about the WHAT but about the HOW!

This is what I finally understand…


If I did not have studied, I would have become a cook. As a little girl I loved to spend time in the kitchen especially at my Gradma’s old oven where she let me experiment with a few ingredients. In my family food was an every day’s topic as we cooked always with fresh and organic products – be it vegetables, meat or fish. The recipes varied from season to season – in the summer time we had loads of veggies, fruits and berries from the garden as well as fresh mushrooms from the woods, in the fall we made jams and prepared preserving jars, in the winter deer and other wild were on the menu and in the spring time we had the first lamb and veal from neighboring farmers.

Throughout my childhood in beautiful Potštejn in the Valley of the Wild Eagles beneath the Eagle Mountains in Bohemia (Czech Republic), I spend most of my weekends with my lovely grand parents. There I had the great chance to discover the beauty of cooking – the smell of simmering onion in butter will certainly remain in my memory as the enchantment of my childhood.

Today, I appreciate good quality food and freshly cooked meals more than ever before. After many years in stressful marketing and event management, spending too much time traveling across Europe with bad (baaaaaaad!!!) food on planes, recollecting the importance and respect for sustainable products became more and more relevant.

Cooking makes me feel at ease with myself and it gives me energy and inspiration. Basically, it’s like my personal meditation which brings me down and soothens my mind. When I cook, I am by myself following my inner voice of my creativity and I feel free…

This blog is about my personal appreciation for good yet simple food and all the lovely discoveries I make during my travels. I love to cook quick and easy dinners which I create in my small kitchen.

And maybe one day, I will be lucky enough to have a somewhat bigger kitchen to maybe enjoy cooking even more. Please feel free to join me on my journey to freedom and happiness…


5 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. Lovely intro, Denisa! x

  2. Tine on said:

    Wow, fantastic side, everything made with Love… Looking forward to Cooking those great meals:)

    • Dear Tine,
      thank you very much for your positive note. I hope you can get some inspiration ;o)
      The good news is – all recipes are very easy and quick to cook.
      And, should you need help, just let me know :o)

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