Whenever I am travelling or discover something that captures my sight, I take a picture.

I love the purity of some scenes within extremely busy urban life. It is interesting to wait just for a little while to get a snap shot of a corner of  a street which is busy and crowded with people and all of a sudden there is this little moment when the street looks empty as if it was there only for you. And of course, FOOD and the enjoyment of it is a gorgeous ‘model’ as well. It is so magnificent and endless in its variety.

My new passion is to take pictures of urban food moments – at least, this is what I call it. On my travels, I take pictures of different scenes that are linked somehow to food and then I work with these motives and transfer them to oil paintings and other creative interpretations. On acrylic glass my urban food moments give my dining place a great urban touch.

I am continuosly looking for new motives and capture those moments with my camera.

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