One of my passions is to take pictures. Whenever I am travelling or discover something interesting that catches my sight – I capture the moment.

I love those precious moments which may be there just for one second – not longer. The purity of these special urban scenes, when extremely busy urban life turns into a moment of quietness that is magic for my senses. It is interesting to wait for just a little while to get the perfect snap shot of a corner of a street which was crowded with people and there is this little moment when the street looks empty as if it was there only for you.

And yes, the world of food, its colors, its taste, its smell, its sounds and the overall enjoyment around it, is the most gorgeous ‘model’. It is so magnificent and endless in its variety. I absolutely love it!

urban food moments – at least this is what I call it for myself, make my life brighter. Upon return from my travels, I work with the newly captured motives and transfer them to oil paintings and other creative interpretations. On acrylic glass my urban food moments give my living room and dining place a great urban touch.

Try it for yourself! Simply capture your own moments! It’s fantastic!

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