Spring time in veggie mood..

For an easy weekly dinner, I love to make grilled caramelized vegetables from the oven. Whenever I know, I have only little time because I need to do something in between the time I get home and having dinner – such as checking my e-mails, taking care of some bank transfers, make a few telephone calls or just taking a quick shower – I quickly clean different seasonal vegetables (carrots, different root vegetables, potatoes, sweet potatoes, zucchini, tomatoes etc.), slice them up and simply place them on a baking tray together with some olive oil, garlic, fresh herbs and sea salt. I leave the veggies grill for about half an hour (200-220 °C) or until the veggies are soft inside and golden brown on the outside. I love these crispy edges.

It is so easy to make and it feels like a little wonder when put on plates. The smell of the caramelized crust and the intense taste of the different vegetables is just lovely. Hmmmmmm.

Of course you can place the hot veggies on top of some baby spinach salad and make it a main meal or you can serve the veggies as a little appetizer and combine them with a nice pesto dip…

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