Pesto pimps up every dinner

I love pesto and its beautiful variety – green, red, yellow, purple. Any color you can think of – pesto can do it!

In spring, I love to make pesto from wild garlic because of its wonderful strong and very distinct taste. When you buy wild garlic, please make sure to get it from people who know the territories they pick the wild garlic. Very often it can be mixed up with the highly poisonous leaves from the regional lily of the valley.

To make a pesto, I have very easy 1:1 proportion method which works for me perfectly. I always take the same amount of leaves (or the ingredient which gives the pesto its color) and the same amount of the additionals such as parmesan and pine nuts.

40 Gr   Wild garlic leaves
20 Gr   Basil leave
40 Gr   Pine nuts
20 Gr   Parmesan – grounded
1          Garlic clove – peeled  (optional)
4 TS     Olive oil
             Salt & Pepper – freshly grounded

You may want to vary the amounts according to your personal preference but maybe this will also work out for you. And the good thing is – it is sooooo easy to remember…

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