Spring Pasta Carbonara

In spring, I love the ‘lightness’ and ‘easiness’ of food. After the cold winter months the freshness comes back just naturally. Pasta carbonara is one of my favorites in spring – the combination of a creamy sauce with  the delicate saltiness of fresh and thinly sliced pancetta is just wonderful!

For two portions:

200 Gr   Spaghetti or Tagliatelle – al dente
180 ml   Cream
1             Egg yolk
50 Gr     Parmesan – grounded
               Thyme – fresh leaves (optional) 
80 Gr     Pancetta – finely sliced
               Salt & Pepper – freshly grounded

Cook the pasta al dente in slightly salty boiling water. When the pasta is al dente, place it in a sieve and give it a proper drip off. Don’t rinse it off with water because you want to use the starch for your sauce.

Place the pasta back into your cooking pan and add the cream, egg yolk and if you like some Thyme. It’s important to constantly stir the pasta so the egg yolk does not get too firm – the sauce needs to have a creamy soft texture. Add the parmesan and stir through the pasta once more.

Pace the pasta on plates and top with fresh Pancetta and freshly grounded salt and pepper. Please be careful with the salt as the Pancetta may be quite salty already.

And now, enjoy!

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